This past week, I participated in the first Camp Obama. So, you ask, what is Camp Obama, besides the obvious fact that it is somehow connected to Illinois Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama?

Camp Obama is an attempt to train and equip hundreds of new, young, and mostly inexperienced activists who want to help get Barack Obama elected as the next President of the United States, but don’t neccesarily have the skills to turn passion into positive action. The Camp, a work in progress, was four days of intense training with some of the best minds in the field, and I was lucky enough to participate.

What really struck me was how the campaign is willing to take us, relative unknowns, recent graduates, college students with academic skills but who have no idea what the deal is with Iowa. Yet, the campaign took us all and brought us into their confidence, though, there really was no dirt to tell. Obama is who he says he is, young, inexperienced in Washington politics but very experienced in real politics – working on the grassroots, as we will do in Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, the early states that will determine who the Democratic nominee for President will be.

Tomorrow, back to Kansas City. I’ll post some photos from Camp Obama once I return home, and post a review on Gov. Bill Richardson, whom I saw speak last week.

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