See Dailykos reaction here.

A short analysis since this debate has already been overanalyzed. I don’ t like to declare winners. Debates are to me like multiperson boxing matches, and we’re the judged of who won the TKO. Most of the time, we’re just cheering for our favorite boxer and can’t tell who won cause we’re too busy rooting for our guy to KO the other guys.

Unfortunatly, no one was KO’ed. Obama improved greatly over his first debate, but he takes too long to warm up, and many people probably only watched the first half hour saw the less than thrilling Obama. Hillary was sharp, but on the defensive even though no one really attached her except Wolf.

And speaking of Wolf, can you try to be less obviously trying to pit them against each other. To create conflict. “Tell me why you are right and all you’re opponents are poop-heads”. At least his attempts are creating the “Hypothetical Situation Room” (thank you Daily Show) were stopped by Obama and Hillary standing up against stupid hypothetical questions.

Biden has really become vocal. Not sure what to think about that. He really seemed to get emotional about Darfur. But, does he really think he can win? Biden? Dodd? I really only see four candidates with a chance, the top tier three, and Richardson because he’s a Governor and because of his experience. But he’s a longshot.

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