Yesterday was the Obama campaign national Walk for Change canvassing day, where an estimated 10,000 volunteers around the country, in every state, walked their local neighborhoods and helped spread the word about Barack Obama.

Is canvassing an efective tool for modern day campaigns? It’s a question that is yet to be answered along with another question – is it worth canvassing over 7 or 8 months before the election (in Missouri, the election would not be until February?) Are we making a difference?

But in my opinion, that isn’t the point. The point is, 10,000 people came together because they are willing to give up their Saturdays to help elect Barack Obama President. Can any other of the 17 Presidential candidates say that? It gave us something to do, allowed us to connect, and to think of new ideas. The Kansas City group will be tabling at the two upcoming Jazz festivals that are going to be happening this month, and working on setting up a weekly table at the city market and other events.

Click here to see what the Post had to say about the first of many Walk for Change events.

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