From left to right. You can watch the debate here.

Clinton: Whoa. Did you hear that laugh after the Paris Hilton joke? I couldn’t hear anyone else. Maybe she’s trying to hard to seem jovial? And she’s continuing that “hey, we aren’t so different” rhetoric. Big cheers for the line about white women vs. black women and AIDS, and well deserved.

Biden: I’m counting how often he says “the fact of the matter is”. So far I’ve heard it in every single response except one. He’s really toned it down, though, from last debate, when he sounded like his podium was on fire.

Richardson: Bill, Bill…he asked you about AIDS in the African American community, not in Africa. Next to ultra-polished lawyer talk John Edwards, you seem raw, did you even rehearse. In a way, maybe that’s good. You do stand out. Nevertheless, a huge improvement, perhaps setting himself up for a jump to the first tier?

Edwards: A question – if you really care deeply about the poor, do you have to remind us about it every single time you answer? Ditto for basically every issue (Katrina, poverty, black colleges…). Him reminding us about what he cares about makes it seem more artificial, almost as if he is reminding himself. That is Edwards problem.

Obama: He’s improving, but we want direct answers, not academic answers. Has a tendency to get caught up in the details a little bit too often, not in a John Kerry zzzzzzzz sort of way, more of a “hey, its not so simple” sorta way.

Kucinich: eh…I’m waiting for him to whip out the pocket constitution. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr. was quite the pander. Him and Edwards seem to be trying too hard to connect with the African american audience.

Gravel: Ahh! This is the Gravel from the first debate, the fiery, witty Gravel who actually added something to the debate. Though connecting the War on Drugs to AIDS is a bit of a stretch.

Dodd: He acts like he’s a serious candidate. He talks like he’s a serious candidate. My favorite of the no-chance crowd, though I wonder if he knows that he has…absolutely no chance.

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