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It’s strange to be back home. Though I was only gone for a week, home has changed. It’s almost as if I have taken another trip around the world, because the week at NOI changed my worldview, the world that I’m returning to has changed dramatically.

One feeling I could never get out of my head during the whole week, as I stood often dumbfounded by how smart everyone was, was just the thought of imagining what everyone here is going to be doing in a year. or 5 years. And I don’t want to think any further than that cause my brain might explode.

But just imagine. Next year, we’ll be the oil that’s gearing the machines of progressive change, and with the skills we just learned here, it won’t be imported middle eastern oil, but clean, eco-friendly, Democratically elected oil.

I want to, like everyone else, shower thanks upon Roz, Judith, Zach and the whole NOI team, but I’m afraid they might drown in self glorification. But I imagine for them, no thanks can match the pride in seeing any of us take what we’ve learned and go into the world and make it a better place. So what are we waiting for, let’s do it!

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