A job update. I’ve accepted a temporary, one months position with Iraq Summer. Iraq Summer is a project to try to build grassroots pressure against targeted members of Congress in the same way that Mississippi summer build help raise awareness for the civil rights movement and Vietnam summer helped to end the war in Vietnam. I’ll be leaving Kansas City and moving to some state or congressional district on August 5th, the day after my two friends Ryan Lowell and Danielle Bartel get married.

With this job, I hope to get a taste of what real grassroots organizing is about, and help put pressure on our target to stop supporting Bush’s disastrous war and to bring our troops home now.

And also, if you’re noticed, I’ve upgraded the site and bought my own domain, NithinCoca.com and have added some videos from my trip around the world. Soon, I’ll be adding a ton of photos, other media, and much, much more. The biggest project that I am working on, a 10-15 minute movie/slideshow of my entire world tour, with photos and music from all the places I visited, should be up hopefully within a week. Stay tuned for more!

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