Two new candidates rankings are out today, first, from the Iowa Independent.

First Place

Barack ObamaUpward Momentum — Obama has enjoyed a great week of press following his events with Oprah Winfrey. His organization is showing signs of real strength with its nearly 1,000 house parties across the state Thursday night, and he seems to have strong second-choice support. If the caucuses were held tonight, he would win.

Followed by Edwards and Clinton. This is the first time that the Iowa Independent has placed Obama in first place. In the last one, he was tied for second, and before that, third.

And another one from the Washington Post.

1. (tie) Barack Obama: We’ve written extensively over the last few weeks that Obama has improved drastically as a candidate since the start of the race. He is a confident presence on the trail these days and that confidence has seeped down to his staff who now truly believe they can win. It’s a remarkable achievement for a candidate who has only been on the national stage for the last three years or so. Who would have thought it would be Obama not Clinton who would be running the more disciplined and on-message campaign with just three weeks left before Iowa? Can he keep it up? We think so, and there is little question that the organization that Obama has built in Iowa is top notch. But, on caucus night, will Iowans have second thoughts? Will head (Clinton) win out over heart (Obama)? (Previous ranking: 2)

Hillary is also tied with him at #1, but again, momentum seems to be all on Barack’s side. Can he keep this up to January 3rd? Yes, if I have my stay. I’m heading up to Iowa to help out with GOTC (Get Out The Caucus) the day after Christmas. Get ready for reports from the road!

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