Quite possibly the biggest endorsement left in Iowa (unless Tom Harkin comes out of his Dean-shaped shell of fear). Let’s start up the rumor mill!

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#1) Joe Biden

What if the Des Moines Register Endorses Biden?

The Register’s own David Yepsen raved about Biden’s performance in the paper’s debate yesterday. Given the Register’s self-importance—it aggressively promotes its debate as the leading event in the run-up to the caucuses—it wouldn’t shock me if it decided to go with the debate’s (Yepsen-appointed) winner.

But its the New Republic. I wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of that cesspool.

So, from a far better source (The Huffington Post) comes this. Author Glenn Horowitz says:

I talked to a major statewide leader with a large following … I can’t say his name yet, but he told me that he’s going to endorse Edwards next week. And I think that could really [make] a significant difference. So I think we’re on the cusp of an Edwards surge.

Considering Edwards won the endorsement of the Register four years ago, it could always happen again. Second time’s the charm? Speculation abound.

But wait! From another reliable source. Barack Obama to get the endorsement? So says Hotline on Call.

On Call is hearing that the Des Moines Register endorsements could be imminent, possibly tomorrow, and posted online tonight.

Buzz is that the odds are with Barack Obama

The paper’s support for John Edwards in 2004 catapulted him to a second place caucus finish. This year, though, he competes for the nod with a ‘fresher’ face in Obama.

Obama’s anti-war position could be the deal sealer. Edwards supported the 2002 Iraq war resolution, but has since said the vote was a mistake.

Stay tuned.

So its Biden, Obama, or Edwards? What? I think my head’s gonna explore…

Why don’t we just wait till tomorrow and find out from the best source of them all – The Des Moines Register.

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