I’ve read a lot from mostly Edwards supporters that because Obama spent so much more on TV advertising, that is why he won. I respectfully disagree, and here is why.
First, the TV expenditure numbers from each campaign.

Barack Obama $9.5 million
Hillary Clinton $7.5 million
John Edwards $4 million

On the campaign side, Obama spent far more. But as anyone living in Iowa can tell you, campaign ads were only one small part of the picture. Let’s look at outside advertising numbers.

AFSCME: $1,333,456.96 (includes $309,545.60 explicitly against Obama
AFT: $799,618.59
Emily’s List: $485,777.43

Total: $2,618,852.98

Working for Working Americans/Carpenters: $526,440.76
Alliance for a New America (SEIU): $1,530,411.77
Democratic Courage: $20,410.00

Total: $2,077,262.53


Total: $0

So the real totals are:

illary Clinton: $10.1 Million
Barack Obama: $9.5 Million
John Edwards: $6.1 Million

Furthermore, Barack spend more money in the early months, while Edwards advertised only in the last few months to caucus night. Money played a role in Obama’s victory, but with the amount of advertising each candidate put on the air, it was a wash. Superior field organization and a stronger message carried Obama to victory.

Sources: NH Insider and The Swamp

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