The first in the nation primary is upon us, as New Hampshire votes for who will be our next President.

Here are a few links with more info about whats happening in during primary day in New Hampshire.

Live Results from CNN

Daily Kos Prediction Thread

I also have to write about this post from Jerome at MyDD. Jerome has been, in my opinion and others, viruntly anti-Obama. Now, the co-author of Crashing the Gate argues that Clinton or Edwards will still win, and that Florida and Michigan will still matter.

Uhhh…did anyone tell Jerome that Florida and Michigan do not have any delegates. And even if they are seated, that will be after the nominee is determined. And that Clinton’s lead in Super Tuesday States is gone?

But, as traffic at MyDD has plummeted (click here, and set graph to one year), I can see why he’s still grasping for air. What was once my favorite political blog on the web, now, I barely check it once a week.


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