Racial Rhetoric is taking front stage in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Whether its surrogates opening their mouths too much, or a coordinated campaign is yet to be seen. Obama won Iowa and finished a close second in New Hampshire, two predominantly white states. Now, we’re off to Nevada, a diverse state with a large latino population, and South Carolina, where 50% of the electorate is African American.

On the other side, its all about Michigan. Kos and a few other prominent bloggers have started the “Democrats for Mitt.” Since Democrats have no one to vote for in Michigan (except Hillary) the idea is to get Democrats to crossover and “save” the Romney campaign, breathing life and helping further throw the GOP race in chaos. Sounds good to me, does that mean next, we aim for a Fred Thompson comeback in South Carolina?

On our side, its off to Nevada. New polls show a close race, but how reliable are polls these days? Exactly.

And a shout out to Chargers fans everywhere…bring on the Patriots!

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