In Michigan, it was Democrats for Mitt. Now, is time to back America’s Mayor?

I’ve jumped full hand into the Theory of Republican Chaos. And so far, the numbers were fitting the equation.

First, Mike Huckabee won Iowa. Evangelicals, check.

Then, John McCain won New Hampshire. War-mongers, check.

Then, Mitt Romney won Michigan. Gullible Republicans, check!

Now the cycle had to replicate itself. Romney won Nevada (I was gunning for Ron Paul), so Huckabee had to lay claim to the South and win South Carolina. In a ideal situation, Fred Thompson would have made his comeback, but the theory wasn’t willing to go that far. Crossposted at OpenLeft and

John McCain won South Carolina. A dagger to the theory.

Now there’s only one way for chaos to resume control. I think it may be time. Rudy Guiliani must win Florida.

I know. It’s a different situation than in Michigan. Barack Obama and John Edwards are both on the ballot, and even though there are no delegates, the media will take notice as to whoever wins. Though the hotly contested Republican race will probably dominate the media coverage, especially with the latest polls showing a virtual four way tie within the margin of error.

Six points separate John McCain from Mike Huckabee. In reality, any one of the top four can win.

But who would cause the most chaos?

Rudy Guiliani.

Because when the world wavered and history hesitated, he picked up a shovel for a photo-op!

But the real reason is, nothing is better for us than mass chaos on the other side. If McCain wins, he might win it all on Super Tuesday, while the Democrats might continue going for another month. That is unacceptable. So, Floridians, tell all your Republican friends that we fear Rudy Guiliani. That only he can beat the Democrats in November, and that we are so happy to face “Ages three years for every one” John McCain. If necessary, use Chuck Norris.


Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Lastly, from America’s Top News Source, the real reason that we want Rudy to win.

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