My voice is croaky from shouting at the Kansas caucus, and trying to get the huge turnout of 1,600 people signed in and organized in a room that was prepared to hold maybe 400 people. It was, I have to say, quite the experience.

States: (bold designates a swing victory)

Barack Obama: Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Alaska. TOTAL – 13

Hillary Clinton: Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, California. TOTAL – 8

To Be Called – New Mexico.

Looks like Obama was most of the toss-ups, but the story still remains seems be the almost perfect tie in delegates. All depends on how much ground Obama can make up in California once they stop counting absentee votes (at 25% reporting, both Edwards and Guiliani were at 10%)

Follow the results here.

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