Obama’s #1 day of fundraising was the day after he lost New Hampshire.

I think today might have broken that record.

Check this out – in response to Hillary’s self-donation of $5 million.

More links under the fold.

The delegate math is still up in the air, but Chris Bowers has a good idea of things at OpenLeft

Some weird post Super-Tuesday spin from the Clinton campaign. We’re the underdog, we won, Obama’s the establishment, and we’re the underdog?

And I got frontpaged at OneMillionStrong! Woo-hoo! Traffic has really shot up the last few days here.

On a personal note, I accepted a position last week with the Sierra Club and will be moving out to San Francisco in about a week. This blog will continue to be updated but don’t be surprised to see more of an environmental bent in the future. There probably would have been plenty of environmental stuff if this damn election weren’t occuring.

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