11 victories in a row. Unreal is the only word I can use to describe how I feel, that the candidate I’ve supported through thick and thin, from Chicago to Iowa to Kansas for almost a year, is now within sight of the finish line to winning the Democratic Nomination for President.

Victory is still a long ways away. Obama and Hillary are neck and neck in the polls. And this feeling of unreality isn’t new. I felt it once before, right after Iowa.

Then came New Hampshire.

The day after that loss was Obama largest fundraising day. I think when we look back at this, we might see New Hampshire as the real turning point. It was when the Obama campaign realized that things weren’t going to be easy, and after which we never took anything for granted. Look at Wisconsin. Even though Obama won with 17%, I bet every single vote was fought for by a ground operation that refused to relax no matter what the polls said.

So it comes again. In less than two weeks, Texas and Ohio. We should have a nominee in two weeks.

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