One reason that the Obama campaign is winning is because of their excellent rapid response system. It wasn’t always this way, in actuality, the campaign began their rapid response “War Room” in October. Not coincidentally, about then was when he began to rise in the polls in Iowa.

This is important. This will matter this fall.

So, today, the Clinton campaign stooped to, perhaps, its lowest level of the campaign, releasing a sleazy, disgusting, fear mongering ad. Take a look.


For comparison, here is one of the most despicable ads from the Rove-Bush team, the “wolves ad”


John Kerry never effectively responded to the unfair, fear mongering attacks on his patriotism, his character, and his campaign, and it cost him the campaign.

Today, Barack Obama showed that he has learned the lesson of 2004.

His War room released, in less than 12 hours, a brilliant rebuttal ad. Watch below, is it, in my opinion, one of the best ads of the campaign. It fights back, is positive, and, most importantly, direct.


What does this mean? It means that this fall, we could have a candidate that will not let the Republicans throw any answered punches. That will fight back with all the resources at his disposal to counter, to respond, and to win the election. But first, we need to nominate Barack Obama as our nominee.

Make Phone Call to March 4th States and let’s stand up against fear mongering, attack style politics.

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