I trust Barack to make the right choice.

That being said, I’m a little scared of the chattering classes in DC.

Evan Bayh? Tim Kaine? Bleh.

Obama needs a reinforcing pick, not a Joe Lieberman esque attempt to fill-in-the-holes.

So, Barack, in my opinion, you have to do what Bill Clinton did – a reinforcing pick. And there is only truly one I can think of, so here, I am announcing my top choice for Barack Obama vice president.


It’s a Governor. From a large square state, who’s a proven outsider and knows to win, with popularity, in a red bastion.

Figured it out?

No, it’s not Kathleen Sebelius, though I would be happy with her. I want Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana.

Schweitzer would be a superb, reinforcing pick. He represents change from out west, a down to earth, incredibly popular and effective Governor of a deep red state that could actually go for Barack. What more, he speaks Arabic and knows the middle east intimately, having lived there. He won’t overshadow Barack on foreign policy (he was agains the war from the beginning) and will be an effective Governing partner.

The big negative is his support for liquid coal, but we’ll get over that. So Obama, I hope that you are truly playing it close to heart, and that you will not listen to the chattering class and pick a true VP. Not Kaine, not Biden, not the worst of them all, Evan Bayh. Let’s aim high – and really change the Democratic party. Governor Brian Schweitzer. Our next Vice President.

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