7:57 – I’m trying to visualize the Vice Presidential debate. My only fear is that Joe Biden will come of as too chauvinist. It’s almost like a setup, where something he says will come out as being offensive to Palin. Kinda like how John Edwards comment about Cheney’s lesbian daughter became the big story about the VP debate in 2004. We shall see.

7:50 – Crowd sounds loud, but then I look, and it looks so timid. This feels like the country fair versus Obama’s professional Disneyland. Well, maybe that’s nit the best analogy.

7:45 – My first impression – she’s a good speaker. Reminds of a mean elementary school teacher, one whom I can just tell doesn’t really know anything except how to talk with authority.

Does that make me a sexist?

7:30 pm – Rudy recap. So all three of the losers came out, though I don’t recall hearing anything about
“party unity” here.

7:26 pm – Doesn’t this speech feel like nothing more than the reshashing of a Hillary Clinton speech? None of the barbs against Obama are fresh, and as a result, they won’t get picked up by the national narrative.

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