The rain has started again. Cold, wet, dreary rain, almost everyday for the past week. Having gotten sick four times since November (contrasting with the sickless previous eight months) I’ve come to realize that the pervasive humidity of the bay area does, in fact, have something to do with my health. So I’ve been bundling up more, more than I ever have before in my entire life.

That guy who used to go to high school in the dead of winter with shorts on? He’s gone.

Of course, back in high school, my “outdoors experience” in wintertime usually consisted of me waking from my car to the door. Here, it’s a little different, in a city as walkable as San Francisco, I spend a lot of time, well, walking.

One year in this city, one year living in Northern California. It is the longest I’ve been in one city since high school – college always had the summers breaking it up, and I only spent a since summer in California, my freshmen year.

Yet I still feel the road beckoning.

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