I’ve recently been reading the Story of Tibet, by Thomas Laird.

It’s an incredible book. Part history, but more, historical narrative of a story being told through the words of the greatest human beings in history, the Dalai Lama. A man, who, had he never fled his home country, would likely be dead.

It’s at times a tourtous read. Numerous times, reading about the horrors being pepertuated by the Chinese Communists, I’ve had to put the book down, and take a deep breath, rage boiling in my blood.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind, said Mahatma Gandhi. But the pains the Tibetan people have gone through during the last 50 years are often too painful for my faint heart. Thousands of monasteries destroyed. The most sacred site in Tibet desecrated. And the heart and soul of the country, a voice for peace and mutual understanding, ostracized for over five decades as the world allows the Communists to grow more and more powerful.

We consider Hitler a terrible man, and no country would ever put his face on their money. But Mao Zedong was responsible for the deaths of more than double the number of people as Hitler – 25 million estimated, the vast majority his fellow Han Chinese. He invaded three foreign nations for Chinese lebensraum (living land) – Tibet, Outer Mongolia and the Muslim Uighur homelands of the east, all regions never under control of any previous Chinese dynasty. But his name and his face are everywhere in China, his face on the currency. The greatest butcher in human history is the face of the world’s second greatest power.

We wonder what Europe might have looked like if Hitler had won. Well, to get some idea, we have to look no further than the other side of Eurasia.

When will the world stand up for Tibet?

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