I’d been to Toronto once before, during high school when my mom attended the American Psychiatric Association conference there. Yeah, I know, the AMERICAN psychiatric association having it’s conference in CANADA. All I remember is getting bored, going up the CN Tower twice, and the weird anti-pyschiatry protests ourside of her office.

This trip to Toronto – well, it was completely different.

Toronto Skyline

I felt like I’d left the recession, and jumped into the future.

Toronto seemed vibrant, prosperous, and diverse. But unlike California, where the diversity can be an illusion in a sea of ethnic cliques, Toronto had a different vibe.

In California, the three of us – two Indians, and a black guy, would have stood out. The five backbenchers together – two indians, an Arab, an Asian, and a black guy – were unheard of. Come on, San Francisco. I never see any groups that diverse walking around.

Toronto? While visiting Varun’s cousin, we saw a car accident. Standing outside the two cars, was a rainbow of white, Asian, black, and latino.  We saw interacial couples of all types – more than the white guy/asian girl conundrum in California. Toronto is truly cosmopolitan and far more mixed than any American city I’ve ever been to.

Steam Whistle Brewery

We were there from Monday until Sunday, a progressively growing cornucopia of nightlife, fun, and drinking. And plently of daytime activities as well. Steam Whistle Brewery (picture above), a baseball game at the Skydome, Chinatown, Niagara Falls, a visit to the suburbs, and thourough exploration of many of Toronto’s eclectic neighborhoods.

Night out in Toronto

It was a fun – and exhausting – diversion, and a great experience. Want to see more photos? Check out my Flickr photostream below!

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