Those of who living in San Francisco already know – the rest of you, you’re probably not surprised. This summer, I hit the road almost every weekend, nine in total between May and mid August.

Where did I go? Well, that’s a good question. And here’s the answer – in short form, the weekend of traveling that was my summer.

1) Sonoma County/Wine Country – Mid May – A nice trip, though the weather there was way too hot. Went with my brother and my parents, didn’t drink that much wine by did get to relax.

2) Portland, Oregon – Late May – the biggest failure. I got sick almost immediately upon arriving, and spent most of the weekend in my Couchsurfing host’s basement, sleeping. I didn’t get to enjoy but one Portland beer, even though part of the reason for me going was to try Portland beer, and didn’t really get to enjoy Portland’s culinary delights either. On the positive, it was a fantastic Couchsurfing experience.

3) and 4) Detroit and Toronto – see Detroit entry here and, Toronto here.

5) Los Angeles, CA – I went on a whim for Fourth of July. Disneyland!

6) St. Louis and Kansas City – This was a work trip, I flew into Kansas City, then immediately drove to St. Louis to do a media training as part of a Longwall Mining Conference, with the bonus of seeing my good friend Eric Mosinger, whom I hadn’t seen in many years. A surprisingly fun trip, as Tim Lelchuk, my best friend from high school, was also randomly in town.

7) San Diego – Went with Young to San Diego, one of the funnest weekend trips I’d taken – definitely one with some of the best food. Couchsurfed with the infamous Lilia Villa, who recommended some fantastic restaurants.

8) Pittsburgh – Went to Pittsburgh for the annual Netroots Nation conference – which was surprisingly fun. Open bar parties every night certainly helped, as did the fact that Pittsburgh is surprisingly beautiful. Wrote up a post about this on Sierra Club’s Compass blog

My plan – was to make September a travel-free month. This promptly failed as a wedding came up, followed by a work trip. Already I have three trips on my calendar – Seattle/KC next week, Chicago next month, and Los Angeles in late October. I just can’t stop…I told you, it’s a disease.

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