First, the big news – I’ve officially quit my job at the Sierra Club. If anyone has been paying attention to this blog, you’d have noticed that my blog posts took a serious dive around the same time that I started working. As work took up my political and writing time, and sedentary lifestyle led to condensed, short, weekend trips, my blogging suffered.

But now, I am free! And this blog will, after a ill-designed attempt at a redesign with a buggy theme, will once again be the home of my thought and dreams and everything in between.

First, Europe. Yes, Europe. I’ll try to include, or at least, a map showing where I am. Today, here is where I am.

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Tomorrow, I board a plane to Paris, France, via Chicago (sadly, no direct flights from Kansas City to Europe. Why, I can’t figure out.) And here is the, tentative, map of where im planning to go in Europe.

View 2010 EuroTrip in a larger map

Why am I doing this trip? Well, unlike my previous world travels, where I was wandering around aimlessly, seeking myself, this trip is all about people. Unlike before, I know have numerous friends in Europe, people I met during my around the world trip and also people I met in America since returning. With pinpoints of friends on my Euro map, many of whom I haven’t seen in ages, I figured it was time for a new type of travel.

Photos and more will be posted here, definitely, depending, of course, on internet access. Looking at adding new features too. Next update – from the city that introduced me to the world, Paris, France!

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