So things have been a bit slow here. School has fully taken over my life, and I had the feeling you wouldn’t be so interested in “today I was at the library!” updates.

However things will soon be back to normal as I will be heading to Asia for the summer! That’s right! Here are the details.

Indonesia – 2 months – I will be interning with Kehati Foundation on various local environmental projects. They are an Indonesian NGO and I believe I will be the only intern they have having this summer. During my time there I will be based in Jakarta.

Japan – This was a surprise. I applied for the Japan Travel Program for Future US Leaders, but, after the disaster that struck Japan in March, I expected that the program would be cancelled. And indeed, the date by which they were supposed to let us know if we got in passed with no word.

Then, just a week ago, surprise! I’m going to Japan! The program is all-expenses paid, and I’ll be the sole representative from Columbia University going. I’m eager to go and network, meet other future US Leaders, and see how Japan is recovering from the earthquake.

It should be a great summer. Korea and Malaysia are also in there, as stops on the way to Indonesia. Lots of photos and updates, I promise. And, as the 2012 election gets going, I’ll restart my political writing too.

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