So I finally was able to unlock years of writing by breaking the code of “Lotus Word Pro” (yes, even teenage Nithin was anti-Microsoft) and being able to open up all my high school files. One of the first – and funniest – was this, my college admissions essay to Boston University (a nearly identical one was sent to USC as well). Back then, my dream was to go into film. It’s arrogant, hopeful, and idealistic, and a little bit prescient (Paris!) though also quite demeaning. Read it and let me know what you think.


The New World Times    5/03/2110                          SPECIAL EDITION

Part 2: The Life of Nithin Coca

This is part two in a seven part series that traces the late Nithin Coca s life from College all the way to his death.  Today, the late high school and college years, what Nithin accomplishes in College at Boston University that led toward his path of success.

Written by a very close friend

I’ve known Nithin since his years in high school.  For most of his younger life, people ignored him. That has all changed now, today he is one of the most adored people on the planet. But why do we love him so much? What makes him different from the others? Maybe its because we are sick of role models who betray us and forget about us. Nithin never forgot about us, and more importantly he never forgot who he was.

There was always something about Nithin that was different from others. In high school no one thought that he was special, except him.  He was kind of quiet, and it often seemed that he was not paying attention to anything around him, but everyone was wrong.  He was paying extreme attention to everything. Nithin liked to see the world from a different perspective than everyone else.

Nithin always regretted his high school experience because, in his own words he didn’t accomplish anything. Towards the end of his senior year, Nithin was gearing up for the future in which he wouldn’t fail.  He spent days planning out all the adventures he would have in college, and he vowed to actually do them. He used to tell people at school about them, until he realized that they all just took his dreams as jokes and never believed that he would actually accomplish them.

College was his chance to start anew.  When Nithin got his acceptance letter from Boston University, his number one choice for college, he saw his chance for a lifetime. He already had planned out his entire college career, except for, of course, his major.

Nithin had some interest in Engineering, so he enrolled in a unique introductory engineering course where he was introduced to all aspects of engineering.  After this course Nithin decided that none of Boston University’s engineering majors were fit to what he wanted to learn, so he decided to create his own major using BU s flexible planning tools.

In addition to engineering, Nithin has another dream  he wanted to study. Every semester Nithin filled out the same application in hopes that he could get into the school where his real dreams were.  Two times he was rejected.  But finally, in the spring of his sophomore year, he got the letter that told him he was accepted at the school where he could pursue his real dreams.

During winter break that year, Nithin eagerly anticipated his first courses at the BU School of Communications Film Production Program.  The second that he got his acceptance letter, he rushed to get into his desired courses, and then only time was against him.  I’ve never seen someone so eager for winter break to end.

Nithin soon focused most of his attention on his Film Production major.  He helped out on many extracurricular film and TV projects, and he even got a job working as a film editor at a local production company.  He was immersed in the college life, and he was much more fun to be with.  He loved to try new things.  He was a doer, not a talker.

Another college goal that Nithin had made in high school was to study abroad his junior year, and he kept firm to that one as well.  The only problem was that he wanted to go everywhere.  He contemplated going to Mysore, India near where his dad had lived during most of his life, or to Spain, where he could use his foreign language skills in Spanish.  But when it came down to decision time, Nithin decided to improve on his film dream  and choose to go to Paris, France and study film while working with the prestigious French film industry.

Nithin always said that living in France was one of the best times of his life.  Before he went to Paris, Nithin took some French courses at BU over the summer so that he could be more immersed into the culture there by understanding more of the language. That was his main goal for the trip.  He told me that he didn’t want to feel like a tourist in France, he wanted to be French and understand how it felt to be so.  He even checked out the French fashions so that he could blend in more with the native people.

I didn’t hear from Nithin much when he was in Paris.  Once in a while I would get an e-mail telling me how great it was there, and that I should’ve studied abroad with him, or how lucky he was to have this opportunity.  But besides those little messages I knew nothing about his trip.

When Nithin got back early that summer I met a new, smarter, happier man.  He said France was one of the greatest things that had ever happened to him.  The stories he told was magnificent, of meeting interesting people, doing crazy things, and getting immersed in a culture that he loved.  France had made Nithin a much more open man.  Nithin also told us about how he refused to speak English during parts of his stay there, and how he got so into the French language he started dreaming in French, which he found extraordinary.

Even though Nithin had traveled to a great interesting country, BU could not and would not bore him.  His senior year was filled with many more great stories and activities, and if I included them all, this article would turn into a huge novel.  But the real adventure in Nithin s life would come after college, when he started to use his great skills to change the world into a much better, happier place.  Back then, in 2005, we didn t know who Nithin Coca was.

Now we all know who he is, and he will be dearly missed.

(This is part two in a seven part series about the life of Nithin Coca.  They were written by an anonymous close friend of Nithin’s)


Wow. I really had a different voice back then, but its still me, no? I also found a few other admissions essays, so I’m not sure if this is the one I sent, but i think it was. BU accepted this! USC…eh.

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