Death is the unbeatable ghost, always creeping ever closer. A few days ago, it hit me closely again – I found out that one of my friends from high school had passed away.

This post is partly inspired by him, but also encompasses many other thoughts in my mind the past several weeks.

Uncertainty is the only constant in life. Reality is a function of perception, locked into a single place in time, so incredibly constraining, and the only way to break out of that is through introspection, looking within yourself. That has been my life ever since my summer in Asia, when I was forced to look within. I felt abandoned by some of my closest friends – but in that light, I saw what it means to care for someone.

Living without regrets means always being the person you want to be to those you love – and often, to those you don’t. It doesn’t mean living for experiences, in fear of regretting what you did not do for yourself. The only regrets that matter are what you did not do for other people – because there is nothing more important in life than people.

That is what I’m trying to do now.

This means family, but also it means everyone. I just finished reading Somaly Mam’s “The Road of Lost Innocence,” about her life, being forced into prostitution in Cambodia. I’ve been to Cambodia, but I had little awareness of what was happening there – the rampant slavery, human trafficking going on throughout SE Asia.

In the future, I want to be more aware of the reality around me, to be connected to humanity.

If I can be there for those around me, and those I care about, no matter where I am, then I can live the life I want to live – without any regrets.


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