Sometimes, you just need to take on a challenge.

Nanowrimo, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a monthlong activity that happens every November, which has been designated national novel writing month. The idea – write a 50,000 word novel in a month, aiding on by thousands of other nanowrimos all across the world.

Every year, I said – I’ll do it! Every year, I had an excuse. Some were legit (finishing rewrites of my world trip book) others were not (school/work/travel). At some, I realized that no matter what, there would be something happening in November. It would take a miracle for a free schedule to match Nanowrimo.

A true writer makes no excuses.

So this year, I’m doing Nanowrimo while traveling. It’s the type of ambition and discipline I need to build if I am to achieve my writing dreams. I’ll be posting updates about my Nanowrimo word count on Twitter (FOLLOW ME!)

In Singapore, I attended the NanoWrimo launch party, held at a local public library.

It was an eclectic mix of people (and I’m almost certain I was the only American), mostly younger, full of energy.

So I’m ready to dive back into fiction – and write a novel in a month. Can I do it? Of course!

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