I want to be defined by not what I like, or where I went, but by what I did. My actions, actions, which, I hope, do their part in building a better world, based on the experiences of my past and the lessons I’ve learned in life.


I was born the first son of recent immigrants from South India in San Diego, California, and split my childhood between Southern California and the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. I attended public school for my entire childhood.

Unlike most children, I was acutely aware that my life was in stark contrast to those in most of the world. Our regular trips to India left me with vivid images of how my life could have been different. I saw firsthand mass poverty, dirty roads, crowded cities and unequal education.


2003-2005. Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

2010-2012. Masters in International Affairs, Concentration: Environment and Energy.

At USC in Los Angeles, I got my first taste of urban inequalities, and made friends from vastly different backgrounds than I. My second year, I studied abroad in Paris, France, arriving in Europe not knowing a single person on the entire continent. It was all part of a pattern of throwing myself into tough situation and forcing myself to learn.

Five years later, I enrolled in a graduate program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, building my economics and policy skills. For my required summer internship I went to Indonesia, where I worked for a local biodiversity foundation’s communications department. Other international projects included being awarded a fellowship to attend the US Future Leaders Program in Japan, conducting field research on natural resource development in Uganda, and presenting research on public interest and compensation at a conference near Cape Town, South Africa. But what was most valuable – the amazing people I met who showed me more paths towards how I could make a difference.

I believe that the key to change lies in the masses, not in the hands of a few in power. No system, no matter how entrenched, can survive millions calling for change. I hope to play a small role in inspiring that change.


As a globalist, I have taken several extended trips to diverse parts of the world to try to understand our shared history, cover events and work on solutions to global challenges. Here are a few of my most prominent trips.

Around the World

2006-2007. 13 months around the world, and the topic of my book, Traveling Softly and Quietly.

Asian Summer 2011

2011. As part of my graduate program, went to Indonesia for an Internship and then Japan for the US Future Leaders Travel Program.

COP 21 in Paris, France

2015. Covered the historic Paris Climate Talks for several global media outlets.


I work primarily for social causes – whether it is progressive political campaigns, grassroots activism, or global human rights campaigns, because I want to put my skills to good use.

walk-freeSetup Walk Free’s Partner Network program in Indonesia, working with local NGOs including Migrant Care, SBMI and INFEST. Organized a groundbreaking global training with participants from several developing countries. Also succeeded in greatly raising profile of modern slavery issues during 2014 Indonesian Elections, and in global media.

Logo KEHATI 2014A short term summer position with the largest Indonesian environmental NGO. While there, I conducted research on REDD and Access/Benefit Sharing for Indonesian Government policy briefs, developed Social Media curriculum, and led trainings for Teens Go Green youth program.

sierraclubDuring two past-paced years, my primary functions involved drafting press releases, pitching media, developing talking points and conducting social media outreach around events and campaigns across the country.

obamaDuring six months working in both Kansas and Iowa, I assisted the Barack Obama primary campaign with grassroots and media organizing. In Iowa, focused on using new media outreach to increase youth turnout. In Kansas City, I was a blogger and helped set-up the first ever Kansas Democratic caucus field operation.

peace-actionAs part of a six month contract during-which I focused on modernizing Peace Action’s communications strategy, my main projects were to expand the organization’s online presence and increase blog and web media coverage. I also supported media outreach and messaging concerning lobby visits, large-scale protests, and Congressional hearings.

Since 2014, I have been working full-time as a freelancer. To see my journalism portfolio, click here. To see who I have consulted for click here.


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