Media is a tool – an ever-evolving set of tools to help amplify your message and spread it to thousands. As a graduate of USC Annenberg School for Communication, I’ve been working on the cutting edge for nearly a decade as a writer and media consultant, helping clients and NGOs produce effective tools to build campaigns around social issues.

As a media activist, I’ve worked with clients all around the world to help amplify their voices. Here are just a few of the many tools and services I can offer clients.

Press Releases

Media Toolkits

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Media toolkits allow those with limited media training to do effective media outreach on particular campaigns. Here are some media toolkits I prepared for Sierra Club.

American Reinvestment and Recovery Act – StimulusTalking Points, House Release,Passage Press Release, Senate Factsheet, State Impact One-Pagers, House LTE, Passage LTE.

Job Opps for the Green Economy ReportAdvisory, Press Release, Speaking Points,Talking Points, Ed Board Letter, OpEd, LTEs

Social Media Campaigns

Social media can be an effective way to amplify your organization’s voice and engage directly with audiences. Here are some examples of social media projects I worked on for previous clients.

Campaign Blog Outreach

Targeted, relevant content for a specific audience.

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner: Turning Point for Obama?


Controlling the debate through engaging audiences in real-time on social media.

Live-Blogging Social Media OutreachSierra Club, Daily Kos.

Media Trainings

I’ve conducted media, public relations, social media and communication trainings during my time at the Sierra Club (the largest environmental NGO in the United States), the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, and while with Walk Free in Southeast Asia.

My trainings are focused on providing people with the skills to use media more effectively and overcome some of the barriers that prevent effective media outreach. I believe that the changing media landscape – especially social media – provides an opportunity for people everywhere to communicate stories and become part of the media narrative as ever before.

I tailor my trainings to each particular environment – but only ask that people come prepared with either a campaign or a social good they would like to achieve. My trainings are specifically for those who want to make social change from the bottom up – local groups, NGO’s, students, and the disadvantaged. I do not conduct trainings for corporations or Government.

Below are outlines and sample presentations used in previous trainings. If you are interested in having me conduct a training, please contact me using the form below.

Content Marketing

It is no longer enough to just reach out to media. To be effective, organizations need to create, cultivate, and promote their own content. I’ve worked on numerous content marketing projects with a diverse range of non-profit and for-profit clients.



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