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I’m based part-time in California, Indonesia, and Japan, and travel regularly across the Asia-Pacific region. During my travels, I am available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Topics I have spoke on before include: press censorship in Southeast Asia, the use of the death penalty in Indonesia, forest protection, and more. I’ve also given talks and trainings to students, sustainability groups, media, non-profits and more.

See below to see where I have been interviewed and spoken before and my future travel schedule. Then use the form below to contact me about ideas for working together or scheduling me.

Upcoming Travel Schedule


Nov 2019 – General Reporting.

Philippines, Indonesia

Nov 27-Dec 15 2019 – Reporting for Pulitzer Center.

Indonesia + Philippines

Nov 2019: Reporting for Pulitzer Center

Previous Talks and Appearances

Featured in IRL Podcast episode: “The Surveillance Economy”

Feb 2018. Interviewed by Manoush Zomorodi from Mozilla, where I talk about what it was like to quit both Facebook and Google. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t easy, but I had no regrets.

Featured in The Global Voice

Jan 2019. “I don’t think the U.S. media has caught up fully to how things are changed in the world.” I spoke about what it’s like to do journalism as an American in Asia, my views on key issues in Asian politics, and the importance of being in a country when reporting. –interviewed in a series focused on Asia

Quoted in Medium Feature: The Definitive Tactical Guide to Quitting Facebook.

Nov 2018. “I know a lot of people go cold turkey, and I feel like those people end up coming back on because they’re not ready for all the connections they’re going to lose,” –interviewed by Allie Vlope on how I took months to plan my Facebook exit.

Solutions Journalism Network "Journalist of the Month"

July 2018. “Stay open to finding stories in the most unexpected places”

Interviewed by Meera Vijayann. I spoke about doing solutions-focused reporting and why I have decided to explore citizen movements in Asia and how technology is shaping the struggle for democracies.

Southeast Asian Censorship for KJZZ's The Show
Feb 2018. Interviewed by Steve Goldstein for KJZZ Morning Show on my recent feature for The Diplomat. How Universal Is Internet Censorship In Southeast Asia?
Spicy Quest featured in Simmer Podcast
Feb 2017: Interview with Allison Howe, founder of Simmer Podcast, on my Spicy Quest project, to explore the story of how chilli peppers spread around the world.
Featured speaker at Japan for Sustainability Seminar
Jan 2017. Gave a talk for Japan for Sustainability in Tokyo, Japan, on the trade and cultural connections between Japan and Southeast Asia, and what Japan and Japanese consumers can do to help prevent deforestation there.
Quoted in The News Lens (Taiwan)
June 2016. Interviewed for FEATURE: Clock Ticks as Indonesian Execution Spree Looms
“I don’t think the current administration cares that much what the international perception of their policies are,” says Coca… “I think [international lobbying] had a reverse impact, domestically at least.”

Amid criticism, “especially from Australia,” Indonesians “became more nationalistic and more pro-death penalty than they would have had there been no international outcry.”

Traveling Softly and Quietly Media Tour
2014. Media tour for promotion of my first book, Traveling Softly and Quietly.

June 2014 – San Francisco, CA (with Shut up & Write Bay Area)
July 2014 – Singapore #1 (with Singapore Writers Group)
July 2014 – Singapore #2 (with Singapore Authors)
July 2014 – Bangkok #1 (with Couchsurfing)
July 2014 – Bangkok #2 (with Bangkok Writers Club)
July 2014 – Penang Malaysia (with First Penguin Community Cafe)
August 2014 – Jakarta, Indonesia (with Couchsurfing)
Sept 2014 – Tokyo, Japan (at Pink Cow)
Oct 2014 – Chengdu, China (at The Bookworm Bookstore)
Nov 2014 – Jakarta, Indonesia #2 (with Jakarta Writers Club)

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