Book Reviews

I began reading at an extremely early age. Books opened up the world to me when I was a child, and, lately, I’ve been devouring books from authors around the world. Here are my thoughts and reviews on the best books I’ve read.

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A Tale of Three Cities: Kabul, Seoul, and Damascus

Thoughts based on Omar Akbar Qais phenomenal book, A Fort of Nine Towers Afghanistan. A country of deep beauty, a rich, multi-ethnic and multi-faith culture, and, conversely, atrocious brutality. In Qais Akbar Omar's book A Fort of Nine Towers the three are presented...

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7 Books that Changed my Life

Stories have incredible power. Even before there was a written word, tales passed orally, from person to person, generation to generation, connecting people through the long eons of human history. It is narratives, whether it be narratives about lives, or stories...

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A Journal through The Garden of Evening Mists

There is surprisingly little writing on the Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia, especially if you're looking for local, creative voices. Yet, few regions of the world suffered as much during World War II. Millions were imprisoned and many perished in resource rich...

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Exile vs Traveling

I'm just about to finish reading Aminatta Forna's book, The Devil that Danced on the Water. The book traced the author's memories and search for truth about her father, who was killed in a shame trial in their homeland of Sierra Leone. For three years, from age six to...

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Life, Though a Book

I scanned the entire bookshelf of the library at Birch Coffee, a true New York City gem. The sign clearly said, “Take a Book, Leave a Book, or just Take a Book.” I didn’t have a book to leave - though I was certain to bring one when I returned - but I wanted a book to...

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