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Energy Monitor, Japan readies to lead the world in offshore wind, June 2023

Energy Monitor, Huge setback for Indonesia’s massive coal gasification plans as US company withdraws, May 2023

Eco Business, Japan’s palm oil power push is faltering April 2023

Al Jazeera, How China’s Xinjiang fuels Indonesia’s deforestation scourge April 2023

Devex, Global Fishing Watch set out to achieve transparency — but did it? May 2022

Sustainable Brands, GoodSam Foods Out to Scale Regenerative, Farmer-Driven Model for Sustainable Snacks July 2022

Energy Monitor,Why Japan is pushing CCS in South East Asia July 2022

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Devex, In Solomon Islands, marine protection must put livelihoods front and center Mar 2021

Mongabay, As world sours on coal, top producer Indonesia tries to sweeten it at home Dec 2020

Triple Pundit, As Coconut Products Gain Popularity, Certification is Essential for Sustainability April 2020

Mongabay, Coconut farmers in Southeast Asia struggle as palm oil muscles in on them Mar 2020

Yale E360, Despite Government Pledges, Ravaging of Indonesia’s Forests Continues Mar 2018

Ensia, Here’s what Indonesia is doing about its deadly haze from forest and peatland fires Aug 2017

Shareable, Will Public Banking Bring More Clean Energy Programs to California? Jan 2017

The Diplomat, The COP21 Deal: What Does It Mean for Asia? Jan 2016

Triple Pundit, Indonesia’s Fires and the Companies at the End of a Burning Supply Chain Oct 2015

SciDev.net, Indonesia Biofuels Subsidies May Speed up Forest Loss April 2015

SciDev.net, Landslides could become Indonesia’s worst nightmare Jan 2015

Quartz, There is officially no hope for transparent oil development in Uganda Oct 2013

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