Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca has worked on investigations, research, and communication projects all around the world.


Communications Consulting

Nithin has worked on public relations, content marketing, and media strategy campaigns for major non-profts, social enterprises, and community organizations around the world. Click to see what he can do for your organization.

Full Writing Portfolio

Nithin’s feature articles have appeared in major media outlets, including Al Jazeera, Engadget, Shareable, and The Diplomat, and have been translated in Dutch, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Latest Articles

The missing trade war against China’s digital protectionism

Sept 2017. Tech companies don’t have a chance of competing right now.

Global trade unions & NGOs back PepsiCo-linked palm oil workers in their fight for labour rights

Aug 2017. “PepsiCo is turning a blind eye as it sources its palm oil from companies that abuse workers on their plantations.”

Indonesia's Neverending Freeport-McMoRan Saga

July 2017. The 50-year relationship between Indonesia and its largest taxpayer comes under scrutiny.

Five lessons for developing smartphone apps in NGOs

June 2017. “Indonesia is a country of social media freaks.”

Nithin’s first book!

Traveling Softly and Quietly is about that which we all want in our lives – meaning – through the tale of a young man seeking his purpose in life.

Coca gives his readers an intimate look into a unique journey across the world but, more importantly, the evolution of a young man’s outlook as traveling changes him each step of the way. Coca is a fearless author, placing himself in a vulnerable light that allows the reader to understand and relate to him—an impressive and rare feat for a young author. History, humor, and fun-loving anecdotes made me feel like I was right there on the journey. As someone who lives for long-term travel and exploration, I believe this book is a must-read for the spirited wanderer and the vicarious homebody alike. Faaria Voliski

International Storyteller and Writer,

As with most travelers who take a big trip, Nithin learns learns a great deal about the world and its people, but as I read Traveling Softly and Quietly, the most powerful and moving story is the one going on internally. If you are interested in getting inside the mind of a long-term traveler and seeing the opportunities for personal growth, then Nithin’s book offers a fantastic glimpse. Adam Seper


Great writing, great story, and great honesty by a talented new writer who shares his journey across multiple countries for meaning, identity, and inspiration…i found it thoughtfully written and a thoroughly enjoyable read!
Amazon Reviewer

Only $3.99 for Kindle and $8.99 paperback.

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