Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights, and politics issues across the region.

As Seen In

Nithin’s feature articles have appeared in numerous major media outlets and regional publications. They have also been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Latest Articles

New toolkit aims to inform and empower Rural Electric Cooperative member-owners

Sept 2019. Did you know there’s a coop sector in the US that counts 42 million member-owners & provides services which cover 56% of the country?

Mindworks is shifting how Greenpeace thinks about campaigning

Aug 2019. To nurture internal buy-in toward designing mindset change campaigns, Mindworks has created trainings that put local leaders in the driver’s seat.

She Bilked Japan’s Banks in the Run-Up to the Lost Decade

Aug 2019. The story of the Dark Lady of Osaka encapsulates the excesses and absurdity of Japan’s bubble era.

Tiananmen Crushed Asia’s Wave of Rebellion

June 2019. China’s shadow darkens democratic hopes today.


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