Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca has worked on investigations, research, and communication projects all around the world.


Communications Consulting

Nithin has worked on public relations, content marketing, and media strategy campaigns for major non-profts, social enterprises, and community organizations around the world. Click to see what he can do for your organization.

Full Writing Portfolio

Nithin’s feature articles have appeared in major media outlets, including Al Jazeera, Engadget, Shareable, and The Diplomat, and have been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Latest Articles

Moeda: The Cooperative Cryptocurrency That Aims to Advance Financial Inclusion

Dec 2017. Can the boom in cryptocurrencies help achieve inclusive, cooperative growth?

Why hasn’t there been a new Couchsurfing?

Oct 2017. Six years after its rapid decline, Couchsurfing is still hanging on, but it lacks the same sense of community.

China’s water grab in Tibet risks regional devastation and conflict

Oct 2017. Observers and activists say action is needed, both to protect Tibet’s water and its people.

The missing trade war against China’s digital protectionism

Sept 2017. Tech companies don’t have a chance of competing right now.

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