Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights, and politics issues across the region.

As Seen In

Nithin’s feature articles have appeared in numerous major media outlets and regional publications. They have also been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Latest Articles

Tiananmen Crushed Asia’s Wave of Rebellion

June 2019. China’s shadow darkens democratic hopes today.

The Philippines’ deadly drug war is spreading across the region

June 2019. The use of state-sanctioned violence against alleged drug criminals could be spreading to south Asia.

China’s Digital Wall Around Tibet

May 2019. For decades, Tibetans crossed the Himalayas to seek refuge in Nepal. Now, a digital wall has cut them off from the world

Jakarta citizens take legal action on air pollution

May 2019. Campaign in Indonesia puts pressure on China-financed coal power projects.


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