Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights, and politics issues across the region.

As Seen In

Nithin’s feature and investigative articles have appeared in numerous major media outlets and regional publications. They have also been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese

Latest Articles

King Coal: How Indonesia became the fossil fuel’s final frontier

March 2021. Since 2000, Indonesia has transformed from a bit player in the global coal industry to a leading exporter and consumer of the fuel.

Certification fails to transform the palm oil industry – what next?

Feb 2021. The RSPO’s standards are a flagship in the drive to make palm oil sustainable. But much more is needed to truly bring change.

Balancing climate, culture, and community: Fiji’s relocation challenge

March 2021. With climate-displacement on the rise, efforts are underway to make relocation community-led. Balancing climate risk and the value of cultural heritage is challenging.

The Dumb Dream of Turning Coal to Gas Just Won't Die

 Dec 2020.  In Indonesia—the world’s largest coal exporter—is taking the lead, state and coal interests are planning to spend billions on what might be a environmentally dangerous technology.


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