Meet Nithin

Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights, and politics issues across the region.

As Seen In

Nithin’s feature and investigative articles have appeared in numerous major media outlets and regional publications. They have also been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese

Latest Articles

China’s pivot from funding coal plants to gasification slammed as more of the same

 Dec 2021.  China has promised to stop funding new coal-fired power plants abroad, but appears intent on investing in other coal projects, including gasification, in Indonesia.

COP26 Is Silent on Human Rights in China

Nov 2021. Environmental activists are afraid of angering Beijing.

Why Norway’s $1B agreement to protect Indonesia's forest failed

Nov 2021. The failure of a groundbreaking pledge puts attention on the need to quickly  scale up climate financing for protecting tropical forests & high-carbon landscapes.

Mangrove restoration scales up in Indonesia

Aug 2021. Restoration push could help Indonesia meet its climate commitments, but protecting existing mangroves is crucial


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