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Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights, and politics issues across the region.

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Nithin’s feature articles have appeared in numerous major media outlets and regional publications. They have also been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish and Japanese.

Latest Articles

Japan's Seikatsu Club challenges consumerism through sustainable consumption

Jan 2019. , Seikatsu Club has 340,000 members spanning 32 coops, active in 21 prefectures in Japan.

Puerto Ricans want a clean and just energy future

Oct 2018. A just transition to renewable energy is not just about minimizing the effects of climate change, it’s also about ensuring access to energy

Will ‘Fake News’ Determine Indonesia’s Next President?

Nov 2018. Nearly two years after Ahok, is Indonesia better prepared for misinformation ahead of 2019’s presidential election?

Chinese Tourists Are Beijing’s Newest Economic Weapon

Sept 2018. Palau is the latest nation to find that offending China means empty hotels.


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