Journalism Assistant/Apprentice

NOTE: I am no longer accepting applications for this position.

I’m a freelance journalist, who has covered East and Southeast Asia for nearly a decade. I've written for outlets including Vox, Nikkei Asia, Financial Times, BBC Future, and elsewhere. Since last year, I’m based in Japan, and starting to take on more work that involved speaking with, or interviewing, Japanese-speaking experts and officials.

While I am learning Japanese, being able to use the language, and in particular, reading/writing, professionally will take some time, so I am looking for an paid assistant to help with with local language research, content, and, occasionally, interviews. This is a great opportunity for a young or novice reporters to get experience and also learn about freelancing, reporting, and covering human rights and environmental issues in Asia.

Necessary skills

- Fluency writing in American English and another Asian language, ideally Japanese or Mandarin Chinese.
- Experience doing translation and/or interpretation
- Content writing for newsletter, website, and other.
- Research on certain topics, to be assigned weekly.

Ideal Skills
- Experience managing social media.
- Experience with some digital media tools, such as Wordpress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Buffer.
- Experience doing web research.

Pay - >2000 JPY/$15 USD per hour, and more for special projects.

To Apply - Please send your resume and cover letter with links to clips to contact(at)

I write mostly on environment and human rights and want someone with a similar, socially conscious background. This is starting as a 5-7 hr/week position, but if it goes well, there are definitely opportunities to expand and do more journalistic work. There is also the possibility of in-person work, assisting me with field visits in Japan or elsewhere.